The content of the Pact

The Pact project drafted by the GEP members is structured around a Preamble and twenty principles and supplemented by six articles as final provisions. It relies on two source principles, one a right and one a duty : the right to a healthy environment and the duty to take care of the environment.

This results in a series of derived principles which have been broadly recognized over time : duties of prevention and remediation of environmental damage, the right to information and participation in environmental decision-making, and the right of access to environmental justice.

The Pact project also proposes several innovations : official recognition of the role of civil society for the protection of the environment and the non-regression principle, which globally prohibits any backward steps in environmental law.

Finally, The Pact project would provide a follow-up mechanism to ensure the Pact’s effectiveness. The Compliance Committee should be a space for States to have exhanges on their experiences and make useful recommendations in light of best national practices.